Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Auto Wisdom

One more piece of wisdom on the back of an autorickshaw. (see the earlier one)

For non Kannadigas:

If you go after a girl - sadness
If you go after an auto - dust


  1. Oh sad! You know what, when female auto-drivers will hit the road, there'll be another piece of wisdom at the back of their auto rickshaws:

    If you go after a guy - Infidelity!

    It's just a PJ!!!

  2. P.S.: Does your blog require word verification every time? What purpose does it solve, I wonder?

  3. I have always loved reading the auto's back..:P

  4. Hi Shruti, If you log in as a gmailer or a blogger.commer (to coin a few words?) word verification is not demanded, I think. In any case, WV is to make sure that robots (automatons, bots, zombies. . ) do not write comments on my blogs!! :-)

  5. Hi Anu, because of the name I thought that my sister (walkamusing.blogspot) had commented on my post after a long time!!! :--)

    Saw your pics from Zoar Valley Hike. Beautiful.

  6. Come up with something new soon.cant wait for your new blogs to be posted .Just to remind you on the old college days puns but not written behind auto rickshaw,
    Quoting HKR
    a. Hindu togendre mundu channagirutte .
    b. lace willad shoe a laceu.