Saturday, February 02, 2008

Auto Wisdom

Autorickshaws in Bangalore are painted on their backs with names of the owners' children, names of movies, "Hi - somebody-or-the-other" and sometime some aphorism. Some of them gross, some are hilarious, some are even wise.

I love looking for them. Here is a gem that I saw today. For those who can not read the Kannada script, here is the transliteration as per the Baraha translitration aplication:

aaDu muTTad soppilla . .
aaTo nuggada galliyilla

It declares with pride that "there is no leaf that a goat does not eat (a famous proverb in Kannada) . . There is no alley that an auto does not elbow its way into!"

That is definitely pride in his work I admire it.

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  1. Hahahahahahaha nice one!

    By the way, When I visited the city almost 6 years ago, I noticed that every auto driver I hired spoke in English. I was highly impressed & I must say that auto drivers in Bangalore are well mannered, which is a rare sight in Delhi :-)