Thursday, May 11, 2017

I am an Inventor

I am an IP Consultant*. I help inventors patent their inventions. I enjoy working with imaginative people who have created something new. I explore with them what they have created. I help them understand a lot more about their own invention - its place in the world of patents, technology and business. Talking technology' with inventors invigorates me like almost nothing else does.

As an engineer I designed and developed products and I invented a few things. I did not think of them as inventions then, just something interesting. When a senior colleague learned of one such interesting thing, he told me, "you should patent this". I was busy getting the first few of the devices carrying the invention ready to be supplied to the customers. I put that suggestion on hold.

When I could finally work on the suggestion, a blank wall confronted me. A big one. No one in the company knew how to get a patent. After a few weeks of struggle, I gave up the idea. Little did I know then that I could not have possibly got a patent once the first device was out of the door!

It sounds ironical that I now assist people in applying for patents!

In an unexpected way, recently I applied for a patent on an invention. The idea dawned on me when I was sketching from a reference picture on my laptop. I proposed to a friend that we could develop an application to implement my idea. He suggested that I apply for a patent and here I am!

Let me assure you, this time it was a lot easier!

Cloverleaf IP Consultancy and Services is my company
I am also a Senior Consultant with LexOrbis

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