Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ramesh Jhawar and his Art

I have been travelling for the last couple of weeks and more. I have been to or passed through Delhi, Dubai, Amsterdam, Maastricht, Tongeren (Belgium), Hyderabad, Kolkata, Kharagpur and Manipal. Ufff...

All I wanted to do the first free weekend after many was rest - basically do nothing.

But, Ramesh Jhawar's solo exhibition of watercolours is on at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat (usually referred to as CKP). Visiting that would be sheer pleasure and hence I went. Nor was I disappointed.

He is an artist I admire a lot.

Ramesh hails from a business family in Erode, TN. He has been interested in drawing from his childhood triggered by the comics - Phantom and Tarzan to name only two. He was introduced to oils in his college days. Milind Mulick's (whom he always refers to as Milind Sir) book on watercolours changed it all and he has never looked back!

I love his works for various reasons. Unlike many watercolour works, his works are full of details that never appear contrived or painstakingly executed. His eye for colour and composition are very highly developed. Works that appear to be full of details when viewed from a distance reveal the abstraction and reduction to essential shapes that are used to achieve it,  viewed close up.

Here is a picture of Ramesh with some of his paintings.

The exhibition is on till 26th Jan 2014 - one day left as I write this. 

Please do visit!