Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Neither Legal Nor Logical

A friend sent me the following joke, in German, from Germany, by e-mail.

A student failed in Logic and Organisation examination.

Student: You have failed me in the examination. But do you really understand anything yourself?
Professor: Of course I do! If not, I would not be a professor.
Student: OK, then. I will ask you something. If you give me the right answer, I will just go away. If you cannot, you have to give me 60% marks.
Professor: Agreed.
Student: What is legal but not logical, logical but not legal and neither logical nor legal.

The professor thought a long time and gave the student 60% marks and went away.

He then called his best student and asked him the same question.

The stduent answered right away: You are 63 but married to a 35 year old lady. It is legal but not logical. She has a 25 year old paramour. That is logical but not legal. That you gave 60% marks to your wife's lover when he had failed is neither legal nor logical!

Now, it continues, I ask you the same question. 

No idea? Here is a good answer then:

It is legal that we sit here and work, but not logical. It is logical that we mail each other such jokes but not legal. It is neither legal nor logical that we get paid for it!

I hope my bosses do not read my blog!


  1. Ha ha ha very good one! Specially the last part :)

  2. And if they DO read this post, would you say it's logical that they take legal action against you?? ;)

  3. Thanks Akhila, and Dintoons.
    It is logical and legal that they take legal action. :-)