Friday, January 21, 2011

Anna Turns Ninety

I had a very different and very pleasant beginning for this year - 2011.

My father (J R Lakshmana Rao) turned 90 today (21 January, 2011) and my mother 84 on 1st. We celebrated the occasion on 1st January. We had an informal get together. No speeches, no programme. All the invitees - mostly those in Mysore - met my parents and we all had dinner together.

My son Maitreya did most of the creative part and the hard bull work part of the website and his friend helped in going on line with it.

In some ways this is still WIP. We hope to add some more features by and by.

Here are some photographs from the occasion.

I have had a long break from this blog. I hope to write more in futuiure.

The url of this blog is safetvalve pronounced safe-t-valve to indicate that it helps me let off steam. I have a more regular valve now - my artisitc pursuits.


  1. Nice! you could have uploaded some more photos.-a photo of the family, may be.... And hats off to Brindakka who was instrumental in making the web site possible-She caught hold of everyone by their collar and got the work done. So we have given her the title- Suthradhara!

  2. Wow! Congratulations to Lakshmana Rao Doddappa, and wish him many more years of good health and happiness. It's so nice to see him (even if his pic) after so many years!!

    Thanks for posting this. And, I just discovered your blog...nice work...will try to be a regular visitor.
    - Anoop

  3. Thanks and thanks! They are for the two comment(er)s.

    Anoop, I am really curious to know how you came to my blog. Do tell me.

  4. nice! read about the website on Shruthi's blog...