Saturday, December 18, 2010

Priya Sebastian

I visited Priya Sebastian's art exhibition that I blogged about earlier. It was a great pleasure seeing her works for real. Apartfrom the time when she took part in a Pencil Jammers jam, I had seen her works only on the net.

The venue and the arrangements were also a pleasant surprise.

The exhibition was held in the Boutique "Plantation House". It is run by Shalini, an alumna of NID. The silky blacks of Priya's art were complemented by the dark cloth and their varied textures. The boutique, I was told, was designed by Shalini and other alumni of NID.

Shalini and Priya

On the whole, I had a great time.

!! Tomorrow is the last day !!


  1. And when do we get to see your art exhibition? :)

  2. Thanks Anil! Couldnt make it for her show but glad you went! Sure looks promising :)