Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Two Art Exhibitions

I had been to two art exhibitions recently. One was, of course, that of Prabha Narayanan that I had already blogged about.

Here is she is, between two of her paintings. Large canvasses, acrylic colour portraits of people from the Kumaon region. She called it the drip series. You will know why, when you see the paintings. (See below) These paintings were very different from the line drawings and watercolours of hers that I have seen. Completely new and in unchartered territory for her. In order not to sound too much like an art critic, let me say, I enjoyed and admired her works!

The other exhibition was that of Amrish Malvankar's abstract paintings. I am not a great fan of abstract art. So, I was surprised that I liked his paintings. Even at the risk of sounding like an art critic, I would say that the colurs are bright, many or most of his paintings exude optimism and serenity, I felt. Or was I biased by the three Buddha images at the very beginning of the rows of paintings?

It really does not matter. As for me, I enjoyed my time watching the paintings.


  1. Thanks for coming over and blogging about it Anil! I like the solo photo of amrish and mine that you took. I think you should explore photography too...you have magic in your hands, especially with portraiture.

  2. Anonymous9:52 pm

    I love Prabha's paintings....she has this uncanny ability to bring out the intensity of facial expression in her portraits....soooo.... soul stirring paintings....way to go Prabha!...I wish you all the best and I hope and wish you go international soon...
    I love abstract painting, and Amrish has done a wonderful job....I am so happy that B'lore is producing such world class artists.....Hope and wish that private sector come forward and encourage the budding artists and buy their paintings....(it's an expensive hobby...you know!). I wish I were there at the exhibition....Thanks dude for posting the paintings....