Wednesday, September 01, 2010

This and That

It has been a long time since I blogged. I was spending most of my free time sketching and hence the hiatus in the blog. I took a break from such furious 'artistic' pursuits and hence this post. (After reading this post, you may wish that I had not taken a break, but that is your privilege)

You may see the results of my artistic efforts here. Please scroll down almost to the bottom of the page and see the slide show.

I had never read a Perry Mason mystery. No idea why. I thought it was time to change it and read one. The Case of the Phantom Fortune, it is called. Now that I have broken the jinx, I might read a few more.

Some other things caught my attention once in a while.

I was amused by the advertisement for a water purifier. Kent, to be specific. The "punch line" delivered by an erstwhile Bollywood diva turned politician and member of Rajya Sabha is that the water purified by it is 100 percent pure! Gimmeabreak! Isn't there something called truth in advertising? Or is it an oxymoron?

Another ad that caught my attention is that of Fair and Handsome. (The very idea of the product and its feminine twin appears to me Unfair and Ugly) It is a real funny one. I wonder if there is any difference between the fair and lovely and the male version. If there is, what the difference is. Or is it that only the name has undergone a sex change operation? Further, the ad says that you can become fair and handsome in just 5 rupees. How many five rupees is not mentioned. I think the ad says that if you use the cream for three weeks, you can notice the difference. Does it mean that the 5 rupee packet or sachet is enough for three weeks?

It is said that a shampoo maker (Chik?) started producing sachets of shampoo that catered to the bottom of the pyramid customers. Win-win proposition. The company made money and the hygiene of the poor improved was the management speak. I wonder what benefit the bottom of the pyramid customer derives from this product. Go nearer the bottom of the pyramid, I guess.

That's it for now. The safe_t_valve has done its job, I have let off steam.


  1. "How many five rupees is not mentioned."

    hahahahahaha what satire! Very well written! :-)

  2. This whole water purifier business is not only a farce but harmful. We need to have a non-chemical option for this.