Sunday, May 09, 2010

Atheists Want the Pope Arrested

Richard Dawkins and other atheists thinkers are trying to make one sensitised to the fact that many of us automatically defer to things religious. I have seen this phenomenon first hand, being an atheist myself. People have no qualms about making snide remarks about my world view. But people with a religious world view are handled like eggs. (That figure of speech makes me wonder if it is because they are as fragile?)

Dawkins himself talks of actions that raise our consciousness, such as the women's liberation movement.

In this direction he and another prominent atheist Christopher Hitchens have hired prominent British lawyers to move the courts to issue orders to arrest the pope when he visits England later this year. Interesting action. Even if they fail, they would have made some people think about it.

I read the original article in German. The original article can be read here.

I have attached my translation.

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  1. Here's an indication of what might happen if someone so much as jokes about it!

    Strangely, I have always felt Britain is not a particularly religious place.