Friday, April 02, 2010

Kudos and Congratulations to Simon Singh

The news of the day for me yesterday was "Simon Singh Wins Libel Case"

If you don't know what this is about, type the words Simon Singh libel in google and find out.

For those who are satisfied with a short report, here it is.

Simon Singh is a best selling science writer from England, of Punjabi origin. In 2008 he wrote an article in which he expressed his opinion that Chiropractics were offering a "bogus" cure for even children's ailments such as colic and childhood Asthma. The British Chiropractic Association sued him for libel. It so happens that the libel laws in England are such that it could drive the defendant insolvent.

After two years of fights in the courts and launching a movement to get the libel laws changed, he has won his case and also succeeded in getting all the major political parties to promise that they would work towards changing the libel laws in England.

He has had to stop writing and do this full time.

Bravo Simon Singh!


  1. Hi Anil, I was glad to hear this too. I signed the petition after Anu urged me to. The fact that it cost a lot of money and effort by Simon Singh is a bit worrying. It doesn't look like the BCA is stopping here - Simon Singh could still be the subject to further suing. (As an aside, You forgot to attach the link)

  2. What link Ravi? Oh! You mean the "here it is" part above! That is my post itself! :-)