Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Catch 22 Inverse

A friend told me that RC (Oh no, not Royal Challengers (nor Rum n' Cola), you dummy, it's Roman Catholicism) does not allow divorce.

However, (Ah! How I love that word!) if one of the partners is mad, RC allows divorce.

In that case any marriage could be declared null and void.

Isn't getting married proof enough?


  1. Does that mean they would revert to being sane once they divorce, making the original decision to grant the divorce illegal(I can see this going around in circles) Good one, Anil.

  2. Brilliant Ravi!

    There is an alternative. Such judgments can be based on the reason of temporary insanity.

    But there is a Catch22 within this. Once one sues for divorce, he/she is no longer insane. He/she can only claim that the other (better/worse) half is still mad.

    Conclusion: Divorce on mutual consent can not be granted as both are sane! Very similar to the original Catch22.

    We two seem to be the best ill_legal minds around! :-)

  3. RC is reinforced concrete for me .!!!

  4. Ha Ha

    Said like a truly civil Civil Engineer!

    Thanks Surya