Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Dhoni* says that the Dalai Lama's blessings made his team win in IPL, perhaps.

The last word in the sentence is the saving grace.

If Dalai Lama's blessings had such powers, Tibet would be free.

No, I am not making light of the Tibetans' plight.

The owner of CSK* is supposed to have invoked Vaastu and other hocus pocus, according to the papers. Dhoni says that many (all?) cricketers are superstitious and do "little things". Amazing that only one team wins! Isn't it?

One of these little things I was close to was that a classmate of mine wore the same set of clothes for all papers of engineering examinations, if he did well in the first paper. He could do that because he came by car and I went by bicycle. (I imagine that if I did any such thing, I would have got thrown out of the examination hall for being "a public nuisance" I guess.) He invariably did well in the first paper. He was placed either first or second in the University ranking and yours truly was way down below.

So, the difference between his 1st or 2nd ranks and I was a car - the late unlamented Standard Herald at that. How unfair. The fact that he studied some sixteen hours a day and I, sixteen hours a week, for the last four weeks, favoured him just a little perhaps.

* For those apologies for human beings from the large majority of nations that do not know Cricket, and who Dhoni is or what CSK is, here is something to set the scene: Dhoni is the captain of a Cricket team called Chennai Super Kings in a tournament, of a game called Cricket, called Indian Premier League (IPL)


  1. Anonymous9:39 pm

    You wouldn't believe the things that one of my school friends would tell me for passing exams. Drink Gum, ink, let ants climb your hand starting from wrist upto the elbow. Gosh, beat that..:)

  2. Anu, I think your friends may have been taking you for a ride. (None of them seemed to work for me). Cricketers are a superstitious lot - I remember Jimmy Amarnath's red handkerchief. I suppose this is because luck plays a big part in cricket.

  3. Anonymous10:38 pm

    very good post. i wish i were in the category that you have catered to in the last few lines. being in india, it is an impossible dream. there is no chance of getting away from cricket.

  4. Who the hell was that guy I wonder ??was it N.... P....??