Sunday, August 09, 2009


Slogan on the back of a car.

Be kind to animals. Go Veg

Shouldn't it read:

Be kind to yourself and other animals. Go Veg



  1. You are right. One should see that the differences between us are not of kind but of degree.

  2. Anonymous9:45 pm

    Your comment doesn't make any sense! It is a 'slogan' and you cannot have a slogan like the one you have written....Of course, who is not kind to oneself (except someone like you who torture himself/herself trying to find 'mistakes'(!) in some totally trivial matters such as the one that you have posted....It appears that you have a whole lot of free time and not much to ponder in life....

  3. Anonymous3:02 pm

    Your modification of the slogan makes perfect sense - a vegetarian diet is always healthier than a meat based one, and avoids diseases like variant CJD. As far as the above comment, the same thing could be said of the commenter too! I am often surprised at the ire directed towards vegetarians from meat eaters, especially in the West where vegetarianism is equated considered a bit effete and eccentric. They have absolutely no idea that there are lifestyles which differ from theirs substantially elsewhere in the world.

  4. Dear Anonymous I,

    Thanks for your comment. I thought that it deserved a detailed explanation about the post itself.

    I have tried to give such an explanation in a post called dear anonymous. I hope you will read it and find it worth your while.

    With best wishes


  5. LOL!!! Dear anonymous (not ravi, ofcourse), you're a rockstar!!! trying to explain people about their availability of time when it seems like you're the one who has all the time in the world!!!