Saturday, May 09, 2009

Ready for Tomorrow?

Reading a news paper is a health hazard. Mental health, I mean.

Violence from all over the world is the staple. Organised, sponsored by governments, conveniently ignored by governments, personal - greed induced, jealousy induced, film inspired . . . the list seems to be unending. Land grabbers, officials taking huge bribes, officials of failed banks and their huge bonuses . .

Fortunately for me, my news paper is delivered at such a time in the morning as I can not read it before I leave for work. Good thing. When I do read the papers, I filter out most of it and read what interests me. Saves a lot of time too.

It is a hard job being a self diagnosed "incurable" optimist in this cynical, violence-ridden world.

Then you come across something like this: Honest Taxi Driver Reaps Rewards.

Ah, I can face tomorrow. All is not lost.

Once an auto(rickshaw) driver drove to my place and returned a bag I and my wife had forgotten in it. Such things must be celebrated. They were celebrated here.

Did you hear about the taxi driver who returned a Stradivarius?

Yes. All is not lost!

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  1. Anonymous8:40 am

    All is not lost until hope is lost.

    And I know of one person who thinks honesty is something cool that we all should possess. And he has my support, that makes it two people. The newspaper reported three more honest people. That makes it five. I am sure there are people out there who believe in honesty. Though handful, its always these handful people who can make and will make the difference.