Friday, April 10, 2009

Away at Aachen

People who know me, find it difficult to believe that I have been "silent" - in terms of blog posts, that is - since February 24, 2009 - that is 7+ weeks.The reason for my silence is that I was in Aachen, Germany. I was being mentored there in the art of drafting patent applications. It was a time for serious learning and I enjoyed it. I had a grand time personally too.

Off office hours I had no access to the net and hence I could not blog. My mentor told me that once I start drafting patent applications, writing for pleasure, like blogging for instance, may feel different. Patent applications are documents written to secure a legal right on inventions - Interllectual Property. Achieving that purpose is paramount and the beauty of composition is the first casualty!

Charles Darwin found that writing the Origin of Species ruined his ability to enjoy literature. My earlier job involved reading patent documents and other technical literature. That did spoil my pleasure of reading literature - especailly pulp (Oxymoron?)! I do sincerely hope that patent application drafting won't spoil the pleasure of writing for pleasure!

Pardon me for talking about myself in the same paragraph mentioning Darwin. No comparisons intended. (Even if it was intended, who would believe it anyway)

Some say that his magnum opus actually contains some really lucid and beautiful prose, though! I have the book but I have not progressed beyond the first ten pages. One day . .

In any case, the camera I bought for the purpose of digitally recording my trip to Aachen has done its job well. I will post them in the next post and the rest of them on Picasa.

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