Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Women Are from Venus . . .

Australian Open mixed doubles final. Great day for Sania Mirza. She has won her first grand slam title. Great day for ‘Hesh Mahesh Bhupati. This is his nth (n>10) grand slam title.

Prize distribution ceremony. The cup is given away and collected gleefully. The check is given away and collected gleefully.

Then the Australian special comes in. Two Teddy bears are offered and Sania’s hands are full – the large trophy. ‘Hesh collects it for her graciously and hugs one and dunks the other FACE DOWN (or bottom up) in the trophy Sania is holding. Sania says something sharply to ‘Hesh. He looks sheepish (or did I imagine that?) and adjusts the Teddy so that it faces the waiting cameras.

. . . . Men Are from Mars

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