Thursday, January 29, 2009

Has Darwin Failed?

This year is a year for a double celebration - in science.

  • 150 years since Charles Darwin published his "The Origin of Species"
  • 400 years since Galileo turned his telescope towards the skies and changed man's concept of the world and himself.
Both brought man down from the pedestal he had placed himself on. There are debates about who did more in that direction. Galileo showed that we are not the centre of the Universe and Darwin showed that god did not create man after his own image.

In honour of these two events, there are many interesting articles in the press. I came across one of them and decided to translate it for myself. I did and here it is for your reading pleasure - hopefully.

The Original German Article from Spiegel Online: Ist Darwin Gescheitert?

My liberal translation of it: Has Darwin Failed?


  1. Chandra Shekar11:59 am

    Great article and an excellent translation....My son, Sharat, has an interesting take on this topic. He presented his analysis of Science and Religion in one our meetings.
    Hope to read more of your work on this blog...

  2. Ha! How do I get to read Sharat's take? Mail me? Ask him to blog it and send me the link? Do.

    I see that my mail to you has had the desired effect.


  3. Chandra Shekar1:37 am

    If I can get hold of an electronic copy of is mumblings on this topic, I will send the way, I am wondering whether you have come across this book...Living with Darwin by Phlip Kitcher...I was told it's a great book...
    Biology department ( a Kannadiga Prof.) is organizing a seminar on 'evolution' to cerleberate his 200 years...Hope to take Sharat.