Saturday, September 06, 2008

What is all this Indianness stuff anyhow?

I must admit that the title is inspired by the titles of the inimitable articles of the inimitable Bob Pease.

Flashback: The Aussies came, won some tournament, Sharad Power, I mean Pawar gives away the trophy, in their eagerness to get photographed with it, they ask the power that be, Pawar, to "move away mite". All hell breaks loose. Our senior, respected leader has been insulted. Aussies are boors. In India such things do not happen. Holier than thou attitude surfaces.

Shift to the present day. The coach of the Indian cricket team, is admonished that he should not give interviews. 24/7 "news" channels cry themselves hoarse about it.

Yes, such things happen in India. We invite a guy to make our team perform better. The land where "atithi dEvOBava" is said to be the credo, the news is made public. Would it be too difficult for the BCCI to quietly tell the coach not to do it such that the rest of the world is not even aware of it? "What the left hand does . . . " kind of thing.

PS: Here is a very ineresting article by Pease which is of general interest. If you are an electronics engineer you must explore his articles and some of them are pretty amazing.


  1. Anonymous2:29 am


    Bob Pease is like god to me, I hope to meet him in person oneday and take his autograph. I just love his style of writing, cranky, witty, full of information, and what not?

    Yes, some things never change specially when it is India, ain't it?

  2. I corresponded with him once (based on an open invitation to all interested) hoping that I could join him in one of his periodic Haimalayan treks. The money he said I required was more than my annual salary at that time!