Tuesday, September 02, 2008


As I looked at the menu in the canteen today, I decided to take the North Indian Thali. Ever eager to try new and exotic food, (I do not call myself a foodie though, more because I hate that neologism than because I am not one!), I was tempted by something called Palin rice that was on offer.

When I looked at the various dishes actually on offer, I was disappointed to find that there was nothing that could have matched that exotic name.

One of the colleagues at lunch offered an explanation that the new dish was named in honour of the "Running Mate" of the republican presidential hopeful, McCain, in the American presidential elections. (McCain, literally, means "the son of Cain" in scottish tradition. Does it mean that his name is really Enoch?) If that had occurred to me earlier, I would have avoided the stuff, as Republicans are not my bowl of rice, (that includes Condoleezza Rice), I mean, my cuppa' tea.

It, eventually, turned out that devil called typo (one more neologism) was at work. What was on offer was just plain Plain rice. How mundane!

(I have written so much parenthetically in this post! Ayyo! Even this!)

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  1. Anonymous6:52 am

    :-) :-)

    Recently a restaurant claimed to serve 'kaddlETTu' on their menu, no not the "yellow-sweet-roasted bengal gram powder" .... I am sure you must have guessed what it is by now