Friday, August 01, 2008


Eclipses always seem to eclipse the good sense of people.

It was a pleasure to commute back from work today. In Bangalore! Thanks to the eclipse.

The city referred to as the High Tech city in a recent article I read, somehow retreats to the middle ages during eclipses.

Years ago, during a near total solar eclipse, there were apparently only two people on the roads of Ranchi, where I lived, at that time. One was, of course, yours truly and the other was his cook. Munna.

I had recently acquired an ability to speak Hindi and I used it effectively to brainwash Munna. He understood the concepts of eclipses explained to him with the help of a candle, a dark room, a lemon and an apple. I wish I could work my magic again . . . .

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  1. Yesterday, I shouted at some office peon for not arranging my documents and guess what he replied? "Madam, lagta hai aap mein grahan(eclipse) ka bhoot aa gaya hai!!!"

    It was hilarious. However, I still feel sad about how blindly people follow these superstitions.