Thursday, July 17, 2008


One enquired why my blog was dead. Another just ordered me to update my blog. One more told me that he was sick of seeing the same Auto Wisdom and 'pleaded' with me to put something new. Feels good that there are such people who are looking at my blog to see if there is anything new there.

I just went dry, like my eyes .

There was this top adviser to a past PM of India. He was very garrulous. He was talking non-stop to (not with) a visitor from abroad. The visitor apparently had enough and hinted to this VIP thus: "I see many boards all over India that say, "Talk Less, Work More . . . .".

Off went the protagonist of this story and lectured the hapless visitor about the need for such boards in India as we Indians are very talkative . . .. blah blah....

Like him, I am here just to say that I do not know why I have not blogged . . .

With these few words . . .


  1. Awesome! Short one and I admit - I'm garrulous (I think you already know that!)I love to communicate in every possible way: Chat, Phone, Text messages, E-mails, face-to-face...every way (is there any other way?)

    We, Indians are garrulous, no doubt. And I'm proud to be a garrulous Indian!!!

  2. Anonymous2:48 pm

    glad you are back.