Saturday, June 14, 2008

Obama's Colour

The German magazine Die Tageszeitung had this as a cover recently. All hell broke loose and the accusations ranged from "condescending" to "politically incorrect" to even "blatant racism" and "racial prejudice". The obvious allusion to Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beacher Stowe has caused a transatlantic row.

Some even suggested that the Germans should not indulge in humour. The last suggestion is also based on the preconceived notion that Germans are not good at humour! The one who suggested that seems to be unawate that he is being a racist himself.

I have not seen any reactions to this cartoon by Bruce MacKinnon but wonder if it is going to be on the same scale. I found it equally offensive (or inoffensive).

What says you?

PS: The picture of Die Tageszeitung is from Spiegel Online @ and the cartoon is from the site Artizans @


  1. Anonymous10:37 am

    I think that there could be a very thin line between healthy humour and a painful, intentional jab...

    Not wanting to loose out on humour should we allow everything and assume that "they know not what they do?" :-)

    Well, what about all those the sexist statements that followed Clinton?

    I personally would smile and let them be....

    ' naayi bogaLidare....'


  2. I did not find either cartoon offensive. Is something wrong with me?

  3. agree with shruti. my eyes do not read between the lines or see behind the cartoon.