Friday, June 06, 2008

Euro 2008 - One More

Germany is about to play against Austria in Euro 2008.

Loew and his players are talking in the dressing room. Loew says, “Have you heard boys? Austrians are bad. But, we have to play them, there is no other way…”

Jens Lehman says, “Let me make a suggestion. All of you go to a bar and I will play against them alone. What do you think?”

“Sounds sensible” says the team manager and all the players go to a bar, have beers and play billiards. After about an hour, Michael Ballack turns on the TV: Germany 1 (Lehmann, 10th Minute) – Austria 0 shows the scoreboard.

Satisfied, the players return to their beers and billiards. After an hour, they want to see the final score. The score board shows Germany 1 (Lehmann, 10th Minute) – Austria 1 (Sebastian Proedl, 89th Minute)

“Damn”, cry the players and run back to the stadium, horrified.

There, they see Lehmann with his head buried in his hands.

“What the devil happened, Jens?”, shouts Loew.

“Sorry friends, the damned referee gave me a red card in the 11th minute", whines Lehmann.

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