Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Land Where Women are Worshipped?

In the queue to buy some lunch. A news channel near the counter. Interview with people. Their opinion about introduction of sex education in schools.

Opinions: This is against our culture. This is a country where women are worshipped. Blah Blah.

Arrrrrrrrrgh, Puhleeeez, spare me the blushes.

Yes! This is a country where women are worshipped. That is why some 50,000 Nepali women migrate to India every year so that they can get worshipped in the brothels of India?

Perhaps a larger number of our own women are enslaved in brothels for the same reason?

Is that why we still have 'bettale seve' (nude worship) where women parade naked around some temples?

Is that why we still have devadasis?

Is that why we have honour killings? If a woman falls from the pedestal we claim to have placed her on, she is worth killing to save the non-existent honour of the so called family?

Is that why we have the second highest incidence of female foeticide in the world?

Is rape a form of worship too? Because all that rape raises nowadays are the headlines in papers and nothing more?

Is that why, when we curse a man, we call his mother names?

Is that why we do not want to even allow the introduction of womens' bill? Parliament is for humans and not for worship-worthy god(desse)s?


  1. Anonymous10:11 pm

    You have touched upon a lot of things happening to women in India that a civilized society should be ashamed of. Bravo! These are very visible and we all condemn it. At the same time we can not ignore millions of women in so called 'normal homes' who are regulary put through 'soft abuses' that is not even noticed by anyone.


  2. Hey Anil,

    Ah! Too many questions! And by the way, I didn't know 2 things happening in India until I read this post.

    By the way, I'm back! Give me 1 day to read the other new posts. Too much to read here...I tell you...too much!