Monday, May 12, 2008

Do You Happen to Know Her?

Select Book House is a landmark in Bangalore in its own right. To describe it is like trying to describe something. It can never match the real experience. If you like books, your next pilgrimage destination is made.

The owner, Mr. Murthy, has a phenomenal memory about books and the people connected with each.

I once went to Select and asked for Leopald Infeld's autobiographical work - 'Quest'.

Mr. Murthy's face lit up. In his slow, clearly pronounced and well strung words, he said, "This is interesting. A few months ago a lady came here and asked for the same book, specifically. She is a lecturer of Physics in abc college. Her name is xyz. Do you happen to know her, by any chance?"

I said that I indeed knew her.

"Oh, how interesting. How do you know her?"

She is my sister.

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