Monday, April 07, 2008

Das Leben der Anders - Movie

I was excited to see that a German movie was running in Bangalore - called "The Lives of Others" in English, the original title being "Das Leben der Anders".

I enjoyed the movie thoroughly. Hearing so much German and understanding so much of it, was exciting. Above and beyond all that, the movie is very good. Good acting, very good direction - almost a bare essentials kind of movie.

However the fun part of it was that it was my first movie in a theatre in a mall. I went all the way up to the fourth floor of the mall and was told that the tickets are issued in the basement - car park. Suitably poshly, it was called the box office. Not the 'tikket kountru' as it is known in the local lingo.

I went to the fourth floor again clutching the ticket (poorer by 170 Rs, a huge sum, having grown up seing movies for less than 1.70 Rs) and I was frisked and made to pass through a metal detector. Then I headed for the nearest door and found my seat and stared at the screen in disbelief. A sweaty Rahul Bose leaned against a wall and was having a conversation with an equally sweaty guy next to him. I did tell that guy at the counter, sorry box office, that I wanted to see this German movie! I whispered to the guy sitting next to me and asked him if there were other theatres in the same complex. He said that there were. So I ran out to find out the one I wanted to be in.

Then I studied my ticket and it said Screen 3 somewhere in the corner. Ah, that was some help. A green illuminated Scrn 3 glowed somewhere in the distance. I ran in and took my seat and the right movie started.

I hate government offices since they make me feel like an illiterate. This new fangled multiplex with many screens, is not far off. The only difference was that I did not have to bribe anyone!

All that trouble was worth it since the movie is very good.


  1. Hahhaaaahhaaaaa.............
    I was expecting the story in brief of the movie.....

    Nice to know that there is one more person who is as ignorant, illiterate and gamaar as me!

    Very nice post :)


  2. I hate this new fad where people enjoy movies in multiplexes and don't prefer Cinema-Halls(is that the right word? I hope you understand what I mean here) anymore.

    Nice post. Where did you watch Taare Zameen Par, by the way? I want to know.

  3. Wonderful.... I often have similar kind of experiences at a multiplex. A lot of people these days just refuse to go to a regular cinema hall - it is just not up to their standard, it seems. But, I think, sitting on a bench and watching the movie among whistles and cat calls is an experience in itself :)