Monday, March 31, 2008

Taare Zameen Par

Many friends told me that I should see this movie.

I hate movies that bring tears to my eyes.

This movie brought a flood.

I loved it, the movie, not the tears.

Why I hate movies that make me cry is that I cry even when I know that it is all just sentimental crap. That is where this movie differed. It was sentimental but not crap.

What performances!

The last shot is impressive. The boy runs and is thrown up and he flies. With wings jutting forward, looking like one of Burt Rutan’s creations. Lovely

I have great admiration for Aamir the star/actor and Aamir the public person. I once saw him in a TV interview and I was completely mesmerised by his calm and stillness. He was sitting on something like a bar stool and was asked questions for which the answers were, and had to be, nuanced. He carried it off beautifully. He spoke and his face moved and only enough to produce the sounds required and not much more.

He looked like the Buddha.

Very uncommon.

I haven’t still got over it.

It will take me a long time to get over this movie, not that I want to anyway.


  1. Anil! I really wanted to know your opinion about this movie. A beautiful movie I have watched after so long, so clean, full of exceptionally well performances and what a story.

    My favourite scene was when Ishan runs and hugs his teacher after he collects his prize. What a masterpiece :-)

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