Thursday, March 27, 2008


Sometime ago I read Shruthi’s post celebrating her 100th post. By the time I read it and wrote a comment on it, she had already moved on to her 250th or so post! That is how good I am at celebrating kilometre stones. (We are after all a metric country, aren’t we?)

At that time, I checked the number of posts I had. It was around 85. I then decided that I would have a special post as my 101st post. When I looked next, I was at 110+. So, let me “celebrate my 100th post” by going down memory lane, a little bit.

A couple of years ago Anu sent me a link to an article with the title “Have you blogged today?”. I could make neither head nor tail of the heading. Even after I had read it, I could not make out what the tale was all about. But for some strange, unknown reason, it remained on my mind. When I mentioned it to Anu later, she did not even remember that she had sent the link to me.

Soon after this, my friend and colleague Usha sent me a link to her blog. I read it with great interest and started a blog of my own soon. But the conditions were not conducive to becoming a regular blogger (or should I say a poster?)

Then came Shruthi into the picture. (Well, she being my dear niece, she has been in the picture for years. What I mean is – she came into the blogging picture). I opened a new blog account in Blogger and I was off. (Some people say that I have always been off [my rocker]. Here, I mean that I was off as a regular blogger.)

So here I am celebrating my 100th post in four different blog heads. (Is that how one says it?)

My grouse as a blogger has been that I do not get many comments on my posts. Shruthi has been instrumental in many others reading my posts. Thanks to her, Shruti has become a regular reader of my output and a friend. (Please note that this is a different Shruti, with an h less!)

Talking of comments, the most tantalising comment came from the daughter of my childhood hero, when I mentioned him in one of my posts. I hoped that I could at last contact him - Olufemi Akande. But I am yet to make contact with him since there was no response to my comment on her comment. However, I got in touch with the chh’s friend and fellow collegian from MMC, as he was looking to make contact with chh too. I even met him when he was holidaying in India.

That was very nice.

I used safetvalve as the link to my posts since I was hoping that it would act as a safe outlet for my anger and frustration with the unjust world. (The world has treated me more than justly. I have no complaints. It is the injustices, even small ones, against others that get my goat. That is another story, or is it another post?) It has more that succeeded even though I have written far less about the injustices than I thought I would.

So, here I am an avid but irregular blogger. It has made me more of a writer than I ever imagined. I even have an article published in a magazine – in Kannada. So, it goes on.

See you again on my nth post.

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  1. Oh Thank you for mentioning about my blog :-) I am happy...very!!!