Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Celebrating Vasanta in Bengaluru

End of winter heralded by the trees bursting out with flowers.

Dry air, chapped lips, scaly skin. . . .

Suddenly feeling more human because there is moisture in the air.

Celebrating the arrival of Vasanta with pictures from Jayanagar 1st and 4th blocks.


  1. Lovely pics.. can't believe they are so close to home... how come I haven't seen them? ;D

  2. Go to the fourth block complex. I cought them in time. Most of those flowers are already gone. The yellow ones (tebubuia?) are still in bloom.

    Take your eyes off your dear daughter for a while and you will see them. ;--)

  3. Anonymous7:54 am

    Thank you for the pictures.

    In Mysore too.[better infact :-)]

    Trees in Gangothri are shamelessly showing off their their brood. I still prefer the 'honge' flowers, small, delicate and white, they engulf you with their gentle heady fragrance when you walk under the trees and if you walk barefoot on the flowery carpet, the feel of the fallen flowers under your toes is heavenly.

  4. Dear Anonymous, unfortunately I am not in Mysore to enjoy it. Gangotri is 'home' for me, even though I did not study there.

    It makes me proud to hear that it is better in Mysore (OF COURSE! ;--)) as I am an incurable (terminal?) Mysorean.

    Why not post those pictures on your own blog and let me know?

  5. I am sure you would like to visit Mysore within tnis week.The yellow flowers in full bloom next to open air theatre and in front of Crawford Hall, pretty little pink ones in front of university guest house, an allotropic form of yellow floweres in lilac behind the guest house! Jacuranda in swimming pool road,tiny neem flowers in Gandhi marga and the scented invisible flowers (of i dont know the name),devakanigale in pink and in white near DC office,----and ----I am sure you dont want me to continue.One more thing- In Mysore we not only see the flowers but can smell them too. Thank you!

  6. I am drooling...........

  7. Anonymous9:04 am

    Sorry couldnt help myself from jumping in :-) Mysore does it to you. I am the anonymous who wrote the previous mail but forgot to type my name. bravo vidya! I just returned from a misty early morning climb up the chamundi hilll and it was ....well.... wow!


  8. I love the winter season!!!

    And these trees are so beautiful!!!