Sunday, February 03, 2008


There was this Englishman friend of mine, Peter, who visited Mysore frequently. He had fun by going to an autorickshaw and asking the driver "Bombay?". The drivers would melt, fidget and grin. Then he would pat the driver on the shoulder and tell him where he really wanted to go.

One day he met his match.

There was this autowallah, sitting in the drivers seat, with his legs crossed, reading a news paper. Peter goes and asks him: "Bombay?"

The driver unhurriedly uncrosses his legs as he folds his paper, with his eyes still on the job of folding the paper and says calmly, "Yes, Five Thousand Rupees". You should have seen Peter's face!

He recovered, guffawed and shook the driver by the hand and said, "OK, OK, for now, Saraswathipuram will do"!


  1. Anil!!! You won't believe, I'm already writing a post about Bombay!!! What a co-incidence!!!

    That was funny. Reminds me of a movie. Have you watched 'Bhool Bhulaiya'? If yes, you'd know what I'm talking about. If not, then :-

    Akshay Kumar's entry is hilarious. He asks Shiney Ahuja to pay around 32,000 as a fare charged by an autowallah who came all the way from 'x' place to Shiney Ahuja's place.

  2. Praveen5:40 pm

    Thank god, the Englishman didn't asked for "London", else the rickshaw wallah would have told in terms of Pounds........