Saturday, January 26, 2008

Note on "The Sensation"

My story The Sensation elicited many responses, in person.

In the years gone by, many self styled astrologers and palmists have tried to tell me my future. The common things that they said were that I would never step out of India and that my "Education" was complete and that I would never even acquire another certificate, let alone a degree.

I have been abroad several times and did get an M Tech (Reliability Engineering) from IIT Kharagpur.

So much for the power of these "arts"


  1. Praveen5:50 pm

    I Do not know about "Astrology", but often, "Astrologers" are fake.

    One of them, have said to me " There are no signs of Success & time is very Bad" in your life.

    One thing was true, his time was good , as i didn't hit him.

    I am surprised, how a person can tell the fortune(?) of a person within few minutes,

  2. Anonymous6:14 pm

    I came here from Shruthi's blog, .. I am not writing this comment becaus i believe in the power of " astrology" but i'm quoting my experience just as you have done with yours. My uncle who is an astrologer not by profession but by passion had told me i'd go to the UK and will have a PhD and would even write a book some 12-13 years ago. i was academic but not so much to do a PhD and writing books was far off ..i never believed him , i thought his love for me is making him say all this. Some 7 years ago I was keen to have my master's degree from the US and was applying frantically to the universities there.. with some rejections and some good response .. was on the verge to make a decision when we had a prof from the Manchester University visit my work place , saw a few my work demonstrations, told me about this scholarship for Indian students to study in the UK , took my CV, in a matter of 6 months i was there in manchester doing my master's with full scholarship and now i'm finishing my PhD and the John wiley pulishers want me to write a book on my research .. that's my experience and would I be right if i said " this is magic the power of this art!!"

    Either mine was a case of co-incidence or yours was a case of meeting the wrong astrologer..

    PS: I do not endorse people doing anything and everything based on astrological consultation and also the fake astrologers making use of people's naivity. The great astrologer varahamihira in his brihatsamhita has stated that its brahma alone who can accurately predict whats in your future, astrological science is a mere guide for a good living , it should not be used to quench your anxiety about the future!
    I would be happy if you do not condemn the science of the aastrology based on personal experiences with fake astrologers.


  3. Thanks for your view Chitra, but...

    Well, it is a VERY BIG BUT!

    The view that astrology is fake is born out of the world view that the future is unpredictable, per se, because the future is not predetermined or decided. So there is no question of predicting it.

    In that sense the "twain shall never meet" - the people who hold these opposing views

  4. Anonymous3:44 pm

    With no intention to change your belief in the world view that future cannot be predicted. I just wanted mention the following..

    1.There are scores of natural phenomenon which occur at regular periodicity. ( full moon, lunar eclipse ..)

    2. General human behaviour, their tendencies, decision making abilities etc ..are different during the days (in influence of the sun) in comparison to nights ( in influence of the moon)

    Most people agree that the two visible celestial bodies "Sun" and "moon" do affect us in different ways. Just because the other celestial planets are not visible, can we discount thier effects on us, our behaviour, tendencies, decision making abilities. Well, Our future is nothing but the decisions we make today, our tendencies to various aspects of life (also termed as attitude) changes the course of our future ..

    I completely respect each one's right to his or her own opinions and belief. Pardon me if i have created a unpleasant debate here. Its human to be triggered if your belief is threatened.

    PS: I used to be shruthi's friend at the BHEL township, i remember her anil mama visiting her. It was nice to see you after many many years on your blog .. got reconnected to my memories from the township.

  5. Dear Anonymous,

    There is no unpleasant debate, as long as it is conducted pleasantly and decently as you have.

    Yes, one does feel threatened if what is dear to them or what they sincerely believe in are perceived to be under threat. I did not want to threaten or hurt anyone. But if it makes you (and I) think, some purpose is served.

    With best wishes to the anonymous friend of Shruthi and with happiness that I took you down memory lane!