Monday, September 04, 2006

Astrological Irony

A few months ago, there was a conference of astrologers in a place called H N Kalakshetra. The irony is that H Narasimhaiah, after whom the auditorium is named, fought all his life against superstition, astrology inclusive. He once famously said that even a watch that is not working will show the correct time twice a day. That was his counter argument for the argument that astrological predictions come true - sometimes .

When I saw the banner declaring this incongruous confluence of HN and astrology I had a wish.

How lovely it will be to read the headline in a paper: "Astrologers conference postponed due to unforeseen circumstances". Wow! Lovely


  1. Astrology may be an art, it might be science too... But very few might have a hold in this art... What do you think about this perspective?

  2. Thanks for your thoughts. If you want to call it art, we have to go into the definition of art. But I am sure it is not a science!