Sunday, February 05, 2006


This is quite an amazing coincidence. Please see my post – “Breeding Ground for Violence?”

I saw a report in a Kannada daily that Justice Venkatachaliah commented in anguish that all of us would have to become Naxalites if corruption continues like this!!!

If a powerful man like the respected judge, who has worked tirelessly against corruption, is so anguished as to comment like this, you can imagine the helpless rage of the downtrodden. Still, neither the anguished cry of the judge nor my post is a call for Naxalism. It should serve as a warning to the powers that be to take heed. Unfortunately, the powers that be are all preoccupied with “to be in power”. Do they have the time or will to do anything about this?

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  1. Jayanth Laxman5:39 pm

    The day after The justice said this In Times of India bottom half page Chief Minister of Karnataka asked why there should be a Government if Lok Ayukta has to be given more powers!!!Just below was a news item about 1% being the bribe amount for all land transactions in the state of Karnataka. Jaya Karnataka Matey !!!